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When you’re ready to make the next step toward listing your home we are here to make it as simple as possible.  Our marketing plan places your home in front of thousands of motivated buyers to get it sold fast and at the right price.

Getting The Right Price

Nick has also been an appraiser for 15 Years!  He Will quickly leap into action creating a thorough and comprehensive customized marketing plan to sell your home at the right price.  A right priced home often generates multiple competing offers and typically drives up the final sale price.  Our 15 years of local market expertise allows us to analyze and take into account the most actively viewed and sought after home values throughout your area.  We include all data available including expired and active listings.

Maximum Exposure

When marketing your home, we develop a comprehensive and thoroughly thought out listing that showcases your property’s most unique and sellable aspects.  We then publish your listing, establishing it on the local and broader Multiple Listing Service, new listing sheets, as well as the most effective real estate publications.  To that end, our nationwide network of real estate contacts and buyers will have the premium ability to review your listing.

Truly Effective, Engaging Internet Marketing

In addition to your standard listings, we also utilize the internet, including our innovative website to make your listing as visible as possible.  More than 80% of buyers check the internet as their first resource for finding their new home.  And to that end utilizing the internet as a resource is paramount in getting your listing to as many potential buyers as possible.

Getting The Best Deal

We list your home at no additional cost.  When your offers begin coming through, we can represent you during this charged and sometimes emotional negotiating process to ensure you get the best price in addition to favorable terms at closing that are very clearly spelled out.  As your listing agent, we also oversee all the various paperwork relate to the sale, ensuring nothing has gone unnoticed.

For most anyone, their home is their largest investment.  When the time comes to sell make certain you’re getting the absolute best value that you deserve.  As professional real estate agents and home appraisers, we understand the forces behind the market.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to discuss your home!

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