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I am not only a resident here but also a broker and appraiser.  If your looking to buy or sell please contact me directly.

A thriving suburb situated along the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad between Chicago and Aurora, Western Springs covers approximately the area between Willow Springs Road (Gilbert Avenue), Ogden Avenue, Interstate 294, and West Plainfield Road. It got its name for mineral springs found on the southwest side of the town and it originally made up of flat plains with swamp located on the western border.

In 2007, Western Springs is listed by BusinessWeek.com as second in a list of the 50 best places to raise children. Tanking behind Groesbeck, Ohio, this was based on five key factors that included cost of living, school test scores, number of schools, risk of crime, recreational and cultural activities.

It is easy to understand why public parks are important to the health of the community especially for kids. They provide a safe haven for people come to together, explore and have fun in general. They also give pets a spot where they can frolic and place. The presence of public parks within a community often increases the property value of surrounding homes and they also provide a place for major festivals, events and various cultural activities.

In Western Springs, 12,907 residents, or 98 percent, have residential properties or live near a park. There are about 12 public parks within the town’s jurisdiction and the oldest is the Spring Rock Park which was established in 1931. Others include the:

  • Ridge Acres Park
  • Ridgewood Park
  • Laidlaw Park
  • Springdale Park
  • Forest Hills Park
  • Clark Park
  • Northwest Park
  • Northeast Park (known before as “Candy Cane Park”)
  • Field Park
  • Timber Trails Park (2005)
  • Sereda Park

According to recent statistics, 98% of kids live within a ten-minute walk of a park. According to The Trust for Public Land, Western Springs is above the national average when it comes to public park access where the national average for youngsters who are within a ten-minute walk to a park is at 55%.

Over the past years, a number of some very attractive and beautiful houses have been added to already charming and quaint Western Springs homes. Old and new, almost all residential properties lean towards meeting the high visual standards that have been set up decades ago. But living in Western Springs is not just about having charming houses and quaint properties.

Living in Western Springs

Based on cost of living, quality of education, family activities, recreation and crime risk, the town is ranked second Best Places to Raise Your Kids for Less in 2007 by Business Week. Although not included in the study, it helped boost the town’s appeal with its stress-free commute by means of Metra or the Tri-State via the town’s western border. Also, the quiet trails and tree covered Bemis Wood South is a great attraction for those wanting to have their homes close to nature. This forest preserve is north of Western Springs and provide a quick getaway for those wanting to experience the great outdoors.

Near the town center are two respected institutions; the Thomas Ford Memorial Library which serves as an active cultural hub and the Village Club which is popular for the parties it hosted, golf leagues and a four – lane bowling center located at the basement. Only several blocks away is the Theatre of Western Springs that has been featuring plays for eight decades.

For added recreation, Western Springs has a private pool club, the Western Springs Service Club (WSSC). Established in 1954 and opened in 1955, WSSC provides various recreational swimming activities that include water aerobics, lap swimming, a swim team for ages six to eighteen and swimming lessons Service Club members. The club also provides locker rooms and an al-fresco snack shop. The facility may also be rented for various personal events and activities including birthday parties, relaxation, picnics, or corporate meetings.

Relocating to Western Springs

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy your next home Western Springs. Aside from the nice ambiance of the town, Western Springs is also a popular place to find your forever home. But at the same time, there are qualities that are solely unique to Western Springs making it one of the best choices to buy a residential property and call it your own home.

Western Springs is in close proximity to the city proper and while this could be quite a small town, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy just as if you are living in one of the suburban villages of Chicago. Western Springs definitely offer the best of both worlds. You can enjoy living in a wonderful community that is popular for its low crime rate and plenty of social and recreational activities.

Substantial development planning has followed and the rising expansion in the market for residential properties is what made the Western Springs what it is today. Currently known as one of the popular suburbs to live in Chicago, Western Springs has grown into a purposeful community along with the growing of real estate development in the area. This growth has been translated into today’s shopping districts, arts and culture settings, world class leisure and sports facilities, entertainment hubs, and superior educational institutions.

Among the famous recreational spots are the Recreation Center, and the Grand Avenue Community Center which is often visited both by visitors and residents all year round. These are both located approximately four blocks away from downtown Western Springs. The town also has plenty of recreational facilities that are available to residents. From fitness trails to parks, basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds, etc.

This may not seem like your regular metropolis but most younger couples planning to raise a family in Illinois has made Western Springs one of their choices in finding their forever homes. Leaving the hustle bustle life of living in the city, Western Springs offer a quiet place to settle down without having to totally leave the city life behind. And with plenty of homes for sale to choose from, it will be easy to find your ideal home in just a short period of time.

I am not only a resident here but also a broker and appraiser.  If your looking to buy or sell please contact me directly.

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